Exclusive contract with RE/MAX ALMOHAGER

Exclusive contract

The philosophy of this marketing method: Inverting the equation of supply and demand from little demand and much supply to much demand for one Property.

What is the customer in this case:

At RE/MAX ALMOHAGER, we have two ways to market the property:

The traditional method is as follows (open contracts)

1- We offer the property to the customer base who requested properties similar to the target property a year ago.

2- We display the property in the company's advertisements within the group of similar properties.

3- Presenting the property in the company's magazine, which distributes approximately 10,000 copies.

4- Displaying the property on the company's websites, three very important sites -

5- Displaying the property in the company's advertisements in newspapers and exhibitions.

5- Presenting the property to all the REMAX network brokers, numbering 1,100 real estate brokers.

The comprehensive focused method (exclusive contracts): The goal of this method is to sell the property at the highest price in the fastest time by inverting the equation of supply and demand by providing four or five serious buyers at the same time competing to buy the property and thus we get the best and best offer Payment method.

Often the owner has one serious or interested buyer client who asks for big discounts from the seller, and the seller does not find another who responds often.. In the case of the focused method, with great comprehensive and organized efforts we can get more than one client interested in the property and thus get the best price. To provide a large number of interested clients, the following must be done:


1- Assigning a full-time professional broker to work on the property continuously, making daily contacts with potential clients and investors who may be interested, making weekly visits to present the property to new clients in the market and personally supervising all inspections and presenting the property to all serious brokers and giving them a copy From a comprehensive file of the property and facilitate their tasks.

2- Presenting the property to the client in a high-level manner through a colorful brochure that contains professional photos, engineering drawings and a detailed description of the property that includes the most important strengths, and it is an elegant way to display and distinguish the property.

Usually, under normal circumstances, the client visits more than five properties per day, and at the end of each visit, the real estate broker asks him about his time tomorrow to complete the rest of the inspections, and this is how the client loses his focus and the properties he inspected become confused, so he does not remember if this property, for example, was with marble floors or Parquet or had a basement or not, or was it 4 rooms or 5 rooms, and so on, a detailed brochure was made and given to each client to ensure that the client remembers all the details of the property and also helps him to present the property to those who may be the decision-maker with him, such as his wife or father, and thus The opportunity for real estate is much greater than others.

3- Open House: (It is a sophisticated program based on working an open day on a day off to receive customers at any hour of the day to facilitate inspection throughout the day and provide hospitality and create a positive spirit in the property - many customers believe that he is the only buyer in the market and Preparation for this open day is done by preparing and marketing it well ahead of time on the company’s websites and in newspapers, distributing brochures on villas and real estate located in the neighborhood, informing them of the date of the open day and inviting investors to create a positive competitive spirit among customers).


4- Make a marketing plan that includes the best and fastest ways and appropriate marketing methods for the real estate . explaining these methods, as well as advertisements, their dates, size, cost and form, if possible. (The company now has an offer to bear the full costs on behalf of the property owner).

5- Create a Massage campaign and e-mail campaign specialized to market the property.

6- Create a Facebook page and a real estate blog on the Internet.

7- Just as the method of presentation and the means of presenting the property to the client have a great impact in clarifying the properties of the property and distinguishing it in the eyes of the client. the specialized broker will always take care to do himself a professional presentation for each client.

8- Make a distinctive advertising banner.

9- Create a banner on the home page of the company's website.

10- Prior to this, a qualification of the property was made to display it in the best possible position to obtain the highest price.



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Exclusive contract with RE/MAX ALMOHAGER

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